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Assintecal and Caltu  seal an important agreement to share information about training and about the sector between the two countries 

On July 10th, the Brazilian components sector signed an important partnership agreement with Ecuador. An International Cooperation Agreement was concluded in the city of Ambato between the Ecuadorian Footwear Chamber (CALTU) and the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods (ASSINTECAL), which are now committed to sharing strategic information and encouraging competitiveness in the footwear components sector in both countries. 

The agreement was signed by Dr. Lilia Villavicencio, as the legal representative of CALTU, and Ilse Maria Biason Guimarães, the superintendent of Assintecal. 
CALTU is a solid Ecuadorian nationally-representative organization that brings together highly-competitive partners from the leather-footwear chain. It has strategic alliances with cooperation bodies, which allows it to position its products in the foreign market, as well as help the competitiveness of its companies. 

The same is true in Brazil as regards ASSINTECAL, which for over 35 years has represented the components sector with the mission to boost the Brazilian market and take our products beyond borders. Today, thanks to various projects carried out by Assintecal, Brazilian components manufacturers are already present in more than 75 countries, including nations in Latin America, United States, Europe, and Asia. More than that, Assintecal works for the sector’s competitive and sustainable growth, providing companies with new ideas and innovative technologies, as well as creative, strategic and financial support.

To kick-start the initiatives, Brazilian companies were present at the International Footwear and Components Exhibition – FICCE at the invitation of CALTU, which gave Assintecal a physical space  during this edition of the exhibition, so that it could begin to promote its organizational activities. 

Ecuador is the fifth largest footwear producer in Latin America, with an annual production of 40 million pairs. The country is also among the 15 main destinations of the exports made by the companies participating in the By Brasil project, an export-boosting initiative carried out by Assintecal and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). 

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